Cassandra Zampini's Certificates and Diplomas - Discover the artist's educational background.

Cassandra Zampini's Certificates and Diplomas - Discover the artist's educational background.

Cassandra Zampini is an internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary artist who has exhibited in major cities around the globe, including New York City and London. Born in Brazil, she has lived and worked since 2004 in Europe and the United States. She is best known for her groundbreaking digital artworks, films, photographs and NFTs, which have earned her numerous awards, honors and distinctions throughout her dynamic career.

Having studied Architecture in Brazil, Cassandra also holds certificates and diplomas in New Media Art, Sound Art and Digital Photography from the Arts University of Berlin (UdK). Her graduate studies in New Media Art further developed her skills in 3D science and virtual reality through intensive workshops at the renowned ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe in Germany. During her time in Berlin, Cassandra also completed a professional degree in Digital Photography.

Since then, Cassandra has gone on to create some of the most groundbreaking digital artworks, films and photographs featured in both traditional and non-traditional media outlets all over the world. Her artwork, which she calls “digital physicalism,” seeks to bring together science, technology, nature and art in order to create experimental works that explore and transcend the boundaries of traditional artistic disciplines.

Throughout her career, Cassandra has been invited by organizations, galleries and universities to present her artistic journey and achievements. In 2015, she was invited to be one of the speakers at Portugal's most prestigious digital art conference, Criatitude, held in Porto. She has been featured in Italian, Brazilian and German newspapers and journals and participated in international art fairs, such as the Lisbon Art Fair in 2016. Additionally, she was invited to join Juxtapoz Magazine as a guest curator in 2017.

Cassandra's educational background, from her practical studies in architecture to her specialized certificates and diplomas in Digital Photography, Sound Art, and New Media Art, has played an integral role in shaping her career as a multidisciplinary artist. Her success has positioned her as one of the world's most innovative and technologically savvy artists, constantly pushing the boundaries of art. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, she continues to create and exhibit her thought-provoking, mesmerizing artwork around the globe.