Sample Projects from Cassandra Zampini - View the artist's portfolio online.

Sample Projects from Cassandra Zampini - View the artist's portfolio online.

Cassandra Zampini is an innovative new media artist, photographer, and NFT creator based in NYC and London. She brings together a unique blend of creative media, tech-based tools, and creative cinematography to provide a new perspective of the world. Her work pushes the boundaries of traditional photography through mediums such as video, interactive art, and augmented reality.

Her work is often centered around the many issues our society faces, while also exploring topics such as nature and the human experience. With a passion for storytelling and finding new mediums to express her ideas, she has been able to create interesting and innovative art pieces that spark conversations. Many of her projects also involve collaborations with various partners who work with her to bring each piece of art to life.

To get a better idea of some of Cassandra's recent projects, it's best to take a look at her portfolio. One example project is her NFT 'Hypostatization'. This piece was created in collaboration with the London-based artist group Rhizome. As the title implies, this piece is an exploration of the impact of technology on the human experience. The artwork creates a visual representation of the different layers of technology which can be seen as abstract geometric shapes and colors.

Another example is Cassandra's interactive art piece 'The Forest'. This project is an interactive representation of four distinct ecosystems, including the jungle, the mesa, the desert, and the tundra. By interacting with the environment, viewers can gain an up-close view of the unique biodiversity and sounds each ecosystem has to offer. Through this project, Cassandra hopes to bring attention to the importance of preserving the environment, and how it can be done through imagined scenarios.

Cassandra Zampini has also been developing various projects involving augmented reality and sound art. Her work in this category often explores themes of human interaction, how technology can be used to expand our senses, and how we perceive and interact with the world around us. One of her latest projects is 'Kinetic Touch' in which a finger scan is used as a metaphor to uncover unseen realms and visually unveil focal points of energy.

Through her various projects, Cassandra Zampini has proven to be an imaginative and creative artist. To view more of her work, one can visit her website or follow her on social media. Her portfolio is filled with intriguing and inspiring art that will undoubtedly leave you in awe.