Ileana Doble Hernandez Visual Artivist company locations

Ileana Doble Hernandez Visual Artivist company locations

Ileana Doble Hernandez is a Mexican visual artist, who has become internationally renowned for her photographic and video creations. She has exhibited her works in numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally, and has been able to build a large following for her artwork.

Her works include a widespread range of topics and are highly informed by political and social justice subjects. Ileana’s art aims to capture and communicate stories of oppressed communities and interact with the complexities of today’s world. Ileana uses her work as a way of raising awareness for issues such as the environment, human rights, and inequality.

Although most of her artwork has been showcased in museum exhibitions, Ileana Doble Hernandez also has her art displayed in private and public collections. Additionally, she offers educational talks and workshopswhere she encourages people to make use of the power of art and to use it as a tool to make a difference in the world.

Ileana Doble Hernandez is based out of Mexico City, but her artwork has been recognized by an international audience. She has participated in several exhibitions around the world, including Mexico, the United States, Canada, Thailand, Finland, Germany and more. She is constantly featured in new exhibitions and her art has been displayed in different cities and countries through Contemporary Art Galleries and Biennials.

Ileana Doble Hernandez continues to use her work to express her convictions and beliefs. As an activist, she has used her visual art to create displays that inspire hope and awaken our conscience. She wants to show the world that art can be a powerful platform to fight for a better tomorrow.