Ileana Doble Hernandez Visual Artivist Exhibitions

Ileana Doble Hernandez Visual Artivist Exhibitions

Ileana Doble Hernandez is a visual artist from Mexico who works in both photography and video. Her work has been showcased in a number of both national and international group exhibitions. As an artist and thinker, Ileana has a deep belief in the power of art to share ideas and move people to take action. She has embraced her skills in the visual arts as a form of activism and her creative output can be found in both public and private collections.

Ileana Doble Hernandez has been exhibiting her work for several years, both within her homeland of Mexico, and abroad. Her most recent works have been showcased in a Solo exhibition called "Nuestras Afinidades" at the Carrillo Gil Museum in Mexico City in 2019. The exhibition was divided into three sections, which covered topics such as immigration, inequality, and identity, and featured photographs and videos exploring the current state of contemporary life in Mexico.

Ileana Doble Hernandez has also showcased her work in the Thessaloniki PhotoBiennale in 2021. For the exhibition, she created a photography project entitled "La Frontera Invisible de la Ciudadanía", which dealt with the growing wave of immigration to Europe in recent years. The project highlights the experiences of those attempting to cross the invisible borders of citizenship and seek refuge in Europe. The project was put together using photographic images and video pieces, which aim to bring attention to the forgotten stories of immigrants along their journey.

In addition to these two major exhibitions, Ileana Doble Hernandez has had a number of further group shows, both in Mexico and abroad. Her work has been showcased in places such as the SCAN Photography Festival in Spain, the JustMAD Art Fair in Spain, the Foto Gallery Festival in Mexico, and the Mexthique Film Festival in Mexico. In 2018, she was part of the group exhibition “Borders of Sight” at the Laveronica Arte Contemporanea gallery in Italy which was focused on looking at borders from both a physical and metaphorical perspective.

Ileana Doble Hernandez is a highly talented visual artist and activist whose work is making an impact both at home and abroad. Through her exhibitions of photography, video and other mixed media, she is bringing attention to stories of inequality, identity and immigration, and empowering the voices of the marginalised and forgotten. Through her creativity and vision, she is helping to create an atmosphere of curiosity and cultural exchange that can only benefit us all.