Types of Framing Available at Michael Petrizzo Fine Art

Types of Framing Available at Michael Petrizzo Fine Art

Framing artworks properly is a crucial factor in preserving their value. At Michael Petrizzo Fine Art, customers can find a range of framing options to suit their needs. With a commitment to excellence, only the best products are used in framing the artwork of Michael Petrizzo.

Each piece of artwork offered by Michael Petrizzo Fine Art is available framed to provide customers with a complete turnkey service from one source. The frames used to protect the artwork are both beautiful and functional. Customers can find canvas floaters, ornate hand-finish frames, Italian mouldings, and contemporary styles.

The canvas floater frames are designed to present the artwork in a modern, sleek look that showcases the artwork’s colours and details. These frames are usually square or rectangular and are made from wood, metal, or PVC. Customers can also choose from ornate hand-finish frames which feature intricate carvings and gold leaf or silver leaf. These frames make the artwork look luxurious and can elevate any space.

Those who prefer a more contemporary look, can choose from the mouldings available at Michael Petrizzo Fine Art. These mouldings can range from minimalist square-cut frames to more ornamental pieces. Customers can also choose from a variety of finish options, such as natural wood, painted frame, or a floating frame.

No matter which frame style a customer chooses, the team at Michael Petrizzo Fine Art ensures that it is the best fit for the artwork. Each frame is expertly assembled and the artwork is stretched in an appropriate manner to ensure that it looks its very best.

The team at Michael Petrizzo Fine Art is passionate about framing artworks and creating a visual masterpiece for customers to enjoy. With an expansive selection of styles, materials, and sizes, there is something to please everyone. No matter what look and feel a customer is going for, Michael Petrizzo Fine Art has the perfect framing solution.