What do customer reviews say about Harvey A. Silverglate?

What do customer reviews say about Harvey A. Silverglate?

Harvey A. Silverglate is a highly respected criminal defense lawyer based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who has been practicing law for over forty years. With a wealth of experience and a long record of successful cases, clients rate Harvey A. Silverglate very highly among the local and national legal profession.

Customers praise Harvey A. Silverglate for his attention to detail, thoroughness and intelligence in building their legal cases. With a keen eye for relevance, every piece of evidence is diligently assessed and viewed from several angles. Clients also appreciate his compassionate and professional approach as he goes 'above and beyond' to ensure their best interests during the process.

Harvey A. Silverglate also has a strong reputation for his commitment to the law. He is always thorough in his questioning and probing, making sure that all the facts are revealed and that no aspect of the case is overlooked. This dedication to the pursuit of justice is appreciated by all of his clients.

One client reported that they were “extremely impressed with the level of confidence, knowledge, and understanding that Harvey A. Silverglate provided”. Another declared that they were “always kept in the loop regarding the progress of the case” and that “it was an impeccable journey being guided in the right direction”. Other customers have reported that Harvey A. Silverglate was “unparalleled in thoroughness and kindness” throughout their case.

It is clear from customer reviews that Harvey A. Silverglate is a highly respected, knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense lawyer. He has the expertise and passion to ensure justice is served in every case, leaving his clients with a sense of calm and closure in the face of legal uncertainty.