What is the company address for Harvey A. Silverglate?

What is the company address for Harvey A. Silverglate?

Harvey A. Silverglate is a one-man law office based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company was founded by attorney Harvey A. Silverglate in 1972 and specializes in criminal defense and civil and constitutional liberties. The address for Harvey A. Silverglate is 50 Congress Street, Suite 2200, Boston, Massachusetts 02109.

Harvey has extensive experience in protecting the constitutional and civil rights of his clients. He is the author of several books and is a Forbes contributor. Harvey is also a nationally recognized advocate in the defense of criminal and civil liberties. Harvey has been involved in numerous high-profile cases relating to First Amendment rights and has successfully defended clients in state and federal courts.

Harvey A. Silverglate has a long history of defending his clients against government overreach and is devoted to protecting the civil liberties of all Americans. The firm focuses on a variety of cases including but not limited to criminal defense, civil rights, police brutality, and civil liberties. The firm also handles cases involving school discipline matters and civil rights violations.

Harvey A. Silverglate is a highly respected attorney and has been honored for his commitment to civil rights and liberties. He has been recognized by numerous organizations and publications for his work in criminal defense, civil rights, and civil liberties. In addition, he has received the American Bar Association's individual award for Outstanding Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Advocacy, the Harvard Law School Student Award for Outstanding Contribution to Civil Liberties, and the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyers Association’s Outstanding District Attorney Award.

Harvey A. Silverglate is located at 50 Congress Street, Suite 2200, Boston, Massachusetts 02109. The office provides top-notch legal services to individuals who are in need of legal protection of their civil rights and liberties. Silverglate is committed to providing his clients with the highest level of legal assistance and is willing to fight tirelessly in order to protect their rights.