Is There Any Online Reading Materials or Resources Available from Pat Lordan?

Is There Any Online Reading Materials or Resources Available from Pat Lordan?

There is certainly no shortage of online reading materials and resources available from Pat Lordan, a leading firm of solicitors, will writers and notaries based in Reading. Pat Lordan provides a wide range of services for individuals and businesses alike and their online materials provide a wealth of helpful information for their many clients and others seeking legal advice.

For example, Pat Lordan's website,, has a ‘resources’ section that includes a variety of links, articles and information related to various aspects of the firm's practice areas. Clients, potential clients and others can access a variety of legal documents such as wills, power of attorney documents, tenancy agreements, probate documents and other legal forms. The website also provides extensive guidance and supporting commentary on the various services they offer and the various laws and regulations which apply thereto. Furthermore, this section has several downloadable guides to help clients in making the best use of their services.

The Pat Lordan blog is another fantastic source of useful information and guidance. Divided into practice related categories, it has regular updates and discussion topics related to Family Law, Wills and Probate, Notary Practice, Business and Company Law, Dispute Resolution, Immigration Law, and Employment Law. Articles are succinct, to the point, and can provide clarity on certain concepts particular to the service areas mentioned above.

In addition to their website and blog, Pat Lordan also provides access to other online resources that can be useful for their clients. Pat Lordan is a proud member of the Society of Will Writers and they are the regional representative for the Merseyside and Lancashire area. As such, they can provide access to the members-only website of the Society of Will Writers, which includes a wealth of information and resources such as sample wills, guides and advice on setting up a will writing practice, and a directory of regional will writing and related services.

Overall, Pat Lordan provides access to a wide range of online materials and resources that can be hugely beneficial for anyone looking for sound legal advice and guidance. Whether you're looking for documents, informational articles, legal advice, or more comprehensive guidance, Pat Lordan has it all.