What Services Does Pat Lordan Provide?

What Services Does Pat Lordan Provide?

Pat Lordan is a law firm based in Reading, United Kingdom offering a variety of legal services, including will writing, family law, and notary services. Their team of experienced lawyers and solicitors have the knowledge and expertise to handle all legal matters and ensure the best outcomes for their clients in all areas.

The will writing services provided at Pat Lordan are designed to provide an individual with one of the most important documents of their lives. The team will help you navigate the complexities and create a will that will ensure your wishes are carried out as planned after your death. They have a thorough understanding of the complexities of tax and probate law and will provide you with the best advice and guidance, so that you can rest assured that your wishes will be upheld.

The family law team at Pat Lordan offers a wide range of services to those in the Reading area, helping them with a variety of matters. Whether the need is for estate and family planning, divorce and child custody disputes, or any other legal issues affecting family life, their team of experienced solicitors will be able to assist. They provide sound advice, compassion and understanding to every situation, as well as taking all the necessary steps to ensure the best outcome.

Finally, the notary service offered by Pat Lordan provides legal documents with universally recognised signatures and seals. The team will be able to provide any documents you need with legal recognition, making sure that all the vital elements of your documents are in order, and that they are accepted in international jurisdictions.

In conclusion, the services offered by Pat Lordan allow them to provide comprehensive advice and assistance to those in the Reading area. Whether you need advice surrounding wills or family law, or you need written documents with legal recognition, Pat Lordan can cover all your bases with their experienced and knowledgeable team.