How to Apply Makeup from Visage1 Studio's

How to Apply Makeup from Visage1 Studio's

How to Apply Makeup from Visage1 Studio's

At Visage1 Studio's, we offer the highest quality natural and organic makeup products as well as professional makeup application services. Our experienced makeup artists are knowledgeable in applying makeup while keeping the natural beauty of your skin intact. Applying makeup from Visage1 Studio's is easy. Here are some tips on how to get the best results.

Getting Started

Before you begin, wash and moisturize your face to ensure that your makeup goes on smoothly and evenly. Make sure to use warm water to remove any oils and residue from the skin’s surface. If you’re using a primer, apply it first to create an even base for your makeup. After your primer is applied, let it sit for a few minutes before you start applying makeup.


The foundation is an essential part of any makeup look. Choose a foundation that best matches your skin tone and type. Apply the foundation using a foundation brush or sponge, starting with the center of the face and blending outward. Use a light touch and blend the foundation into the hairline and down onto the neck.


Next, you can use a concealer to help hide any dark circles or blemishes. Apply in thin layers and, if necessary, pat it into the skin with your fingers. Blend until there are no visible lines.

Eye Makeup

Now you can start playing with colors and create a beautiful eye look. Start with an eyeshadow primer, then choose two colors of shadow for the lid and crease for added depth. You can also use eyeliner and mascara to define the eyes. Finish by brushing on some highlighter to accentuate the eyes.

Cheeks and Lips

To add color and drama to your face, apply blush on the apples of the cheeks. Choose a color that compliments your foundation, and then blend with your fingertips. As a finishing touch, you can apply a lipstick or lip gloss. Make sure to choose colors that coordinate with your eyeshadow and blush.

Finishing Touch

After applying the makeup, use a setting powder to reduce shine and help your makeup stay in place longer. Finally, use a makeup brush to blend the look together and make sure there are no visible lines.

At Visage1 Studio's, we are committed to helping you achieve the perfect makeup look. With these easy tips and our high quality products, you can create a flawless makeup look that will last all day. So, go ahead and let your inner beauty shine!