Shannon Michelle Studios Boudoir Photography

Shannon Michelle Studios offers clients a unique and beautiful way to express themselves through the art of boudoir photography. Located in the heart of the city, this world-class studio offers a comfortable and private setting for clients to explore the beauty of their own body and capture intimate, stunning photographs.

The experienced photographer, Shannon, leads with professionalism and expertise, ensuring that all clients feel safe and secure during the shoot. She works closely with each client to create a vision that includes the perfect outfits, poses, and light to create exquisite and empowering images. During the shoot, clients will be able to preview their photos as they’re being taken, continuing to use feedback to create an amazing experience.

A Shannon Michelle Studios boudoir photo shoot can be tailored to fit any age, shape, or size. Shannon loves working with all body types, sizes, shapes, color, and genders. She believes in celebrating the strength and beauty of every individual and strives to create images that make her clients feel positively empowered, beautiful, and confident.

A Shannon Michelle Studios boudoir session will begin with a pre-shoot consultation to get to know the client, followed by an expert makeup artist to help do their makeup. This is an incredibly important step in the process of boudoir photography, as the makeup accentuates not only the physical beauty but also the emotions.

Shannon Michelle Studios offers clients a unique, creative, and beautiful experience through boudoir photography. With Shannon’s years of experience, professional team, and use of innovative technology, Shannon Michelle Studios boudoir photography is sure to give clients life-long memories that they’ll cherish forever!