What Is Crystal Clear Cleaning Service's Pricing

What Is Crystal Clear Cleaning Service's Pricing

Crystal Clear Cleaning Service is one of the leading commercial and residential cleaning services in Warrenton, Virginia. They offer competitive prices and ensure that the quality of their services is unrivalled.

As an experienced cleaning services provider, Crystal Clear Cleaning Service offers an extensive range of services. They offer basic house cleaning and deep cleaning services, as well as more specialized services such as window cleaning and carpet cleaning. Furthermore, they also provide services for commercial spaces such as offices and schools.

The pricing of Crystal Clear Cleaning Service's services is competitive and depends on the type, size and frequency of the services. For basic house, Crystal Clear provides prices that range from $125 for a one-time, three-hour job, up to $275 for a regular two-bedroom apartment cleaning. In the case of deep cleaning and one-off jobs, the cost can be higher.

When it comes to commercial cleaning, the cost will depend on the size and type of the area. The price can range from $0.15 to $0.25 per square foot per cleaning. They also offer additional services and discounts that can reduce the overall price. For example, they provide discounts when signing up for multiple visits and additional services such as window cleaning or carpet cleaning.

Overall, Crystal Clear Cleaning Service provides competitive and cost-effective prices for their services. Their customers can choose from a wide range of services that suit all budgets. Furthermore, the company's extensive experience and attention to detail ensures the highest quality of services.