Vic Pellicier's Social Media Accounts

Vic Pellicier is a digital entrepreneur and online media personality based in Montreal, Canada. He is best known for his work in the area of digital marketing and social media. Vic has built up a strong online presence through his creative use of various social media platforms.

At present, Vic has an active presence on various social media accounts including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. His Instagram account appeals to fashionista waiting for Vic’s daily style tips, pick of the week and looks. He is often seen partnering with the leading fashion brands and labels on his page. His posts are beautifully shot and shared, creating a consistent presence.

On his LinkedIn account, Pellicier posts details about his digital entrepreneurship, such as seminars, courses and upcoming projects. This platform gives him the opportunity to display his achievements as an entrepreneur and offer helpful resources to others in the industry.

Vic Pellicier makes use of the Facebook account to communicate with a larger audience. He shares inspirational stories, advice on digital marketing, and the occasional words of motivation for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Rounding out his online presence are Twitter and YouTube. On Twitter, Vic shares quick tips, updates from his entrepreneurial journey, and invites followers to join him for Q&A sessions. His YouTube channel uploads videos of his talks, as well as educational topics catering to entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Vic Pellicier’s online presence is a great example of how to use social media to grow a business and reach out to a wider audience. His active presence across various social media accounts shows his commitment to making a genuine connection, and engaging with others in the industry.