What are the Prices for Party Booths?

Party Booths offer a great way to make any party or event more memorable. From weddings and birthdays to corporate events, Party Booths provide something that no other service provider can – custom-made structures with a range of props, backdrops and more to make your event stand out. As affordability is often a key factor for event organizers, here we take a look at what is involved in the pricing of Party Booths.

When it comes to the cost of Party Booths, it is essential to consider the factors involved in hiring one. You presents need to ensure the size of booth you require, and how much space is available at your event or venue, as these are key factors when it comes to the cost. Generally, Party Booths start from around $2,000, but can vary depending on the size you need and the number of guests attending. In addition, depending on the props and backdrops you are looking for, you may need to consider extra costs for those items too.

One key advantage of Party Booths is the flexibility they offer in terms of sizing and design. Whether you want a long, short or wide booth, Party Booths can provide what you need. While most booths come in a variety of pre-designed elements, with a range of props and backdrops, you can also customize your Party Booth with personalized signage and lightings to ensure it truly stands out and reflects the theme of your event.

For those on tighter budgets, Party Booths offers a range of DIY packages, which allow you to build your own booth and hire the necessary props and backdrops. Also, if you have helpful friends or family, you can consider getting them involved and taking on a DIY project. Prices for these packages start from around $200 for a smaller booth, and increase as you increase the size and complexity.

Overall, Party Booths have a range of options available to suit any budget. What is more, you benefit from having a custom-made booth that not only looks great, but can be tailored to the theme of your event and provide a great platform for photos, gifts and more. By ensuring you are aware of the costs involved from the onset, you can opt for the service option that best suits your budget and event plans.