Various Packages Offered by Captured Moments

Various Packages Offered by Captured Moments

For couples planning a wedding, Captured Moments offers the ultimate wedding videography experience. With a variety of packages to choose from, Captured Moments has something to fit every couple's needs. Whether you are looking for a simple, single-day coverage package or an all-inclusive package that covers your entire wedding day, Captured Moments is equipped to make your dream wedding video come to life.

To start, the Basic Package includes 6 hours of videography coverage, as well as 10 highlight videos and a 10-minute multi-angle video. Additionally, the Basic Package includes one pre-wedding video interview and two between-ceremony interviews. Captured Moments wedding videographers also specialize in creating masterpieces through cinematography and camera work, giving you the photographs and videos of the day that you have always dreamed of.

If you are looking for something more comprehensive, Captured Moments offers their Complete Package. This package includes 10 hours of full-day coverage, one pre-wedding video interview, three between-ceremony interviews, and 15 highlight videos. With an all-inclusive coverage, nothing will be left out and you will have a detailed film that covers every moment of your big day.

The Premium Package takes your wedding video to the next level. With 12 hours of unlimited coverage, two pre-wedding video interviews, four between-ceremony interviews, and 20 highlight videos, the Premium Package ensures that every special moment of your wedding day will be expertly captured and edited for you to enjoy for years to come.

For a truly unique experience, Captured Moments presents their Deluxe Package. The Deluxe Package offers 15 hours of unlimited coverage, three pre-wedding video interviews, five between-ceremony interviews, 15 short videos, and 30 highlight videos. With the Deluxe Package, you will also receive a full-length feature film of up to 90 minutes. A monthly payment plan is available for those wishing to spread out the cost of their package.

Captured Moments is dedicated to bringing your wedding memories to life with stunning videography and top-notch customer service. Whatever package you choose, rest assured that your wedding videography will be taken care of and you will have a beautiful souvenir to watch and cherish for a lifetime.