What are the policies and procedures of Evan Richman Photography?

What are the policies and procedures of Evan Richman Photography?

Evan Richman Photography is an experienced and professional photography service based in Boston, Massachusetts. Their services specialize in capturing events of all sizes, ranging from corporate and commercial to private weddings or gatherings. Evan Richman Photography prides itself on its reliable and quality results that always exceed the expectations of their clients.

In order to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, Evan Richman Photography has a set of policies and procedures that are adhered to during the booking process and for the entire duration of the event.

Clients can book their services both online and over the phone. All bookings must be done within a week of the event date, if requested, and must include a signed contract and full payment. Clients can also receive multiple quotes, and in certain cases, receive a discount if they call more than one week in advance.

Other important policies that should be taken into consideration when booking their services include the following:

A. All photographs taken by Evan Richman Photography belong to the client and must remain with the client upon conclusion of the event.

B. All photographs taken are edited and returned within 5 business days or less, depending on the size and scope of the event.

C. Any additional images or footage requested must be submitted in writing prior to the event.

D. Evan Richman Photography reserves the right to refuse any photography from any event that does not fall within their oversite and guidelines.

In addition to their policies and procedures, Evan Richman Photography is committed to providing excellent customer service during the entire process. Their goal is to create the most satisfactory experience possible for all clients. As a result, clients can contact the studio at any time with questions or concerns prior to the event. The studio also provides detailed invoices with all fees and costs up front.

From corporate events to weddings and more, Evan Richman Photography strives to provide the highest quality service and results to all of their clients. Their policies and procedures ensure a safe, reliable and consistent experience for everyone involved.