What personalization options does Evan Richman Photography provide?

What personalization options does Evan Richman Photography provide?

Evan Richman Photography is a professional commercial and corporate event photography service in the Boston area. With over twenty years of experience, Evan Richman Photography provides personalization options for meeting, conference, and corporate photography.

Clients can expect fully customized images that meet the needs and goals of the event. Whether you are hosting a corporate event or a meeting, photography by Evan Richman is tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Personalization comes through in a variety of ways. Clients can choose from a selection of backdrops and props to enhance the visual appeal of their photos. For corporate events and conferences, Evan Richman’s team will work with the client to create a unique composition for each photograph, paying attention to the layout of the space and the color of the environment.

In addition, Evan Richman Photography offers several specialty services like instant image uploading to an online platform, profile and team photos onsite, and even a branded selfie station. This allows clients to use their own brand identity in their photos while still allowing Evan Richman to be creative in his editing and post-production.

Evan Richman promises to treat every event as if it were his own, as his team of photographers puts an emphasis on delivering higher quality images in a more tailored and personalized way. He also strives to create a more consistent look and feel to each individual series of images, ensuring a consistent look on both online and print media.

For your next corporate or conference event, consider receiving personalization options from Evan Richman Photography. Whether you need traditional staged photos or unique, branded content for the web, Evan Richman and his team offer a comprehensive range of customization choices to make your event stand out.