Locations of Red Robin Events Offices

Locations of Red Robin Events Offices

Red Robin Events is an international event delivery service with several offices around the world. Red Robin takes a comprehensive approach to event delivery, focusing on delegate services, event registration, logistics and travel, and event design. Their goal is to make sure all the details of an event are taken care of professionally and efficiently, giving the client peace of mind that their event will be a success.

Red Robin’s headquarters is based in London, United Kingdom where they are able to serve the UK, Europe and parts of Africa and the Middle East. Elsewhere, they have offices in both the Americas and Asia Pacific, allowing them to serve clients across the globe.

In the Americas, Red Robin Events has two offices. The first is in Sao Paulo, Brazil which services clients in South and Central Americas, as well as the Caribbean. The second is in Montreal, Canada which serves clients throughout the United States and Canada.

In the Asia Pacific region, Red Robin Events has an office in Singapore, which services clients in the South East Asian region and the Pacific.

With offices across the UK, Europe, North and South America, and Asia Pacific, Red Robin Events truly takes an international approach to event delivery. They have the capacity to deliver events to clients regardless of where they are in the world, allowing them to provide quality service wherever it is needed.

Red Robin Events make sure that events run smoothly and without issue, taking the burden off of their clients and allowing them to focus on their event itself. Their experienced team make sure that they are always on top of the details, meaning that their clients can be at ease that their event will run as smoothly as possible.