Locations of Lara Kimmerer-Interior, Architecture & Lifestyle Photography

Lara Kimmerer is an experienced interior, architecture, and lifestyle photographer who specializes in capturing the breathtaking scenery of New England. Her work has earned her recognition and praise for her skill in capturing the beauty of the region. She is based in the United States and photographs both residential and commercial spaces throughout New England.

Lara Kimmerer excels in capturing the unique atmosphere created by the traditional architecture and old-world styling found in locations throughout New England. She showcases her talent by photographing the cityscapes of Boston, the quaint harbor towns of Cape Cod, the awe-inspiring landscape of the White Mountains, and the bucolic countryside of Vermont.

For commercial properties, Lara Kimmerer’s keen eye for detail and understanding of lighting allows her to create attractive photos for real estate listings, event facilities, commercial buildings, and more. She works with her clients to make sure their vision for the space comes to life.

Lara Kimmerer also focuses on lifestyle photography, capturing the intimate moments of daily life in her photos. Whether it’s a family taking a lazy stroll through the park, or a couple exploring a new city together, Lara masterfully captures the emotion and joy that comes with living life to its fullest.

Lara Kimmerer is a master of her craft, producing breath-taking photographs that showcase the beauty of the region. Her passion for capturing the people, places and spaces found in New England allows her to bring out the best in each location, no matter the size or scope. Whether it’s a quaint harbor town or a bustling metropolitan center, Lara Kimmerer has the skills and expertise to make the most of any location.