Process Outlined by Lara Kimmerer-Interior, Architecture & Lifestyle Photography

The process outlined by Lara Kimmerer-Interior, Architecture & Lifestyle Photography begins with a detailed intake questionnaire to gain insight into the project. This does not only include topics like the goal of the photoshoot, the desired look, and the target audience of the images, but also the kind of lighting the client prefers, the kind of props and furniture in use, and the timeline for deliverables. From there, a proposal and contract is drawn up that outlines the agreed-upon fee and timeline for the shoot, as well as any additional needs and desires from the client that need to be covered before the photographer begins.

Once the contract is signed, Lara begins planning the shoot to make sure she is prepared to capture the best possible shots. This includes scouting out potential sites and constructing a detailed shot list that covers the intention and outcome of each desired shot. She also works closely with the client to pick the perfect furniture, props, and lighting elements to set the stage for the photoshoot. Lara uses her expertise to not only create professional and beautiful photos, but also to come up with creative angles and techniques to capture the energy and individual aura of every photoshoot.

Once the photoshoot is complete, Lara begins the select and edit process. She pays close attention to the composition, lighting, and aesthetics of the photos and makes sure that her images are technically sound, appealing to the eye, and quickly give the viewer a sense of the atmosphere of the photoshoot. She then retouches the photos to bring out the best in her photos with clean filters and post-processing effects.

Finally, after proper approval and delivery of the finished photos, Lara goes out of her way to make sure the client is satisfied and has no problem endorsing her services. Her experience and dedication add to the overall satisfaction of the client and the result speaks for itself. With her approach to photography, Lara Kimmerer-Interior, Architecture & Lifestyle Photography is able to offer a unique and professional experience for every photoshoot.