Who Are the Founders of Tahiri Media?

Tahiri Media is a creative performance agency founded by three experts in the field of marketing and advertising. The founders, Talitha Tahiri, Rosa Tahiri and Michael Hopwood, have worked together for over a decade to create effective and innovative marketing campaigns for clients around the globe.

Talitha Tahiri has a background in the visual arts and has extensive experience in branding for large corporate, entertainment, and fashion clients. Her creative eye and knowledge of the industry have enabled her to create award-winning campaigns and innovative social media strategies.

Rosa Tahiri is an advertising professional with a passion for developing unique and impactful campaigns that have a lasting impression on consumers. Drawing from her extensive experience in visual communication and content creation, she is able to create effective messaging that captures an audience’s attention.

Michael Hopwood is an experienced marketing strategist who has worked with many high-profile clients. He has an exceptional eye for detail and an ability to understand the needs of a client and develop the right marketing strategy to help them reach their goals.

Tahiri Media was founded as a way to combine their expertise and passions in order to better serve clients and help them achieve their objectives. Their philosophy is that effective marketing requires a multifaceted approach and they strive to develop innovative campaigns that are both engaging and effective. They put an emphasis on creating unique and compelling stories with the goal of capturing an audience’s attention and inspiring action.

The team at Tahiri Media believes in the power of creative performance marketing to help brands reach their goals. Working together, their clients have been able to increase leads, boost engagement, and deliver substantial returns on their investments. The founders of Tahiri Media have a deep commitment to helping their clients reach their fullest potential and are dedicated to delivering significant results in every campaign.