Testimonials for Birth Your Roots Pittsburgh Massage Therapist, Doula and Photographer


When one seeks to make a lasting, impactful change in their life, Birth Your Roots Pittsburgh is the perfect place to start. Located in the vibrant city of Pittsburgh, Birth Your Roots is a multidisciplinary practice with highly-skilled massage therapist, birth doula and photographer Erica Kershner at the helm. Erica’s integrative approach to providing bodywork, labor support, and beautiful photography creates an experience that clients rave about.

Birth Your Roots Pittsburgh is well known for providing a warm and comfortable atmosphere for clients, so that their story of transformation can unfold naturally. Erica provides a high level of care and support, both during the photography sessions and massage therapy sessions. Her gentle yet effective massage therapy is highly sought after for its ability to relax the body and mind. Erica also specializes in providing labor support, helping clients transition between labor stages, adjust positioning, and use relaxation and breathing techniques to combat discomfort.

The positive effects of Erica’s work are highlighted on her website and social media accounts. Clients share their experiences of a wonderful transformation that they were able to achieve with Erica’s help. Many parents of newborns remark on how Erica was able to capture the most precious moments in their lives, such as the beauty of their newborn’s first breath or the wonder of their first smile. Other clients vouch for the amazing massage therapy treatments they received, which left them feeling light and relaxed afterwards. And many birthing parents are grateful for Erica’s presence during their labor, ensuring that they move through the stages of childbirth with strength and confidence.

There is an undeniable power to Birth Your Roots Pittsburgh. The positive results of the massage therapy, doula work, and photography are consistently shared in the form of insightful and compassionate testimonials. These testimonials speak to the great gift that Erica Kershner provides to each and every client that works with her. Birth Your Roots Pittsburgh captures the moments in life that matter most, providing a life-changing experience.