What services does Demetri Productions offer?

Demetri Productions is a full-service audio production company providing a wide range of services. Whether it's producing music records, radio shows, podcasts, or soundtracks they offer everything needed to create professional-grade audio projects.

The friendly and knowledgeable team at Demetri Productions offers its clients the highest standards in audio production. In the studio, its production team is experienced in all genres of music, sound engineering, and audio post-production. The service can handle any size project from a single song to an entire album.

Demetri Productions is also home to an in-house post-production team, specializing in sound design and audio engineering. They are experienced in manipulating audio and reinforcing its mix to create a powerful sound that can make any project come alive. Their team is also available for remote mixing and mastering services if clients are unable to make it to the studio.

The team at Demetri Productions is passionate about audio production and helping their clients create inspiring projects. All projects that Demetri Productions takes on are treated with the utmost care and attention, with tailored solutions to fit the needs of each individual client.

They are an advocate for independent artists and producers, providing services such as licensing, distribution & royalty management and promotion. This allows Demetri Productions to help clients make their mark in the music industry by exposing their work to a larger audience.

Demetri Productions is committed to providing its clients with the best possible audio production rights, offering reasonable pricing packages tailored to fit the budget of each project.

No matter what the project is, Demetri Productions has the experience and knowledge to deliver the highest-quality results. Working with its experienced production team, clients can rest assured knowing that their projects will be up to the highest industry standards.