Where is Demetri Productions located?

Demetri Productions is located in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2009, the company is focused on creating thoughtful and engaging entertainment content for both television and feature film markets. Led by president/CEO and accomplished feature film producer/director Demetri Goritsas and COO/executive producer Xenia Goritsas, Demetri Productions has demonstrated success in building strong relationships with talented filmmakers, networks, and distributors.

The company is rooted in Los Angeles, where most of the work is done. This convenient location gives Demetri Productions access to the wealth of creative talent available in the area, as well as the range of production resources in the entertainment capital of the world. Among Demetri Productions' key partnerships are Academy Award nominees, Emmy Award winners, and Grammy Award nominees.

Demetri Productions also has connections to other entertainment hubs such as New York City and Miami, affording the company access to industry-leading professionals and resources which can help them create and market the projects they develop. Los Angeles, however, always stands at the core of their operations, making Los Angeles – and by extension, Demetri Productions –the dynamic epicenter of story creation.

The company's website, http://demetriproductions.com , is continually updated with information and news on upcoming projects. Through this website and its presence in key entertainment hubs, Demetri Productions is staying ahead of the curve with the production and distribution of quality entertainment and content. By staying in Los Angeles, the company minimizes its overhead, allowing them to stay competitive and continue to create content that stands out in the ever-growing entertainment industry.