Findit Films Staff and Management - Learn more about the company's staff and management, and any key personnel that may be involved with the business.

Findit Films Staff and Management - Learn more about the company's staff and management, and any key personnel that may be involved with the business.

Findit Films is an up-and-coming film distribution and marketing firm that offers an innovative and dynamic way for filmmakers to find and market their films. The company was founded by two veteran film industry veterans, who sought to create an efficient, cost-effective way for filmmakers to reach potential audiences. The company's mission statement is to "create an unparalleled customer experience for filmmakers and audiences alike, enabling success for the independent film ecosystem." The company has a staff of experienced professionals dedicated to helping filmmakers navigate the complexities of film distribution and marketing.

At the forefront of Findit Films is its Executive Team, led by its Managing Partners. The managing partners are two veteran film industry veterans, Erik Glaser and Steve Hasell, who both have nearly two decades of experience in the industry. Both have been involved in a variety of independent film releases and have been highly successful in various aspects of the film business.

In addition to the executive leadership, Findit Films' team of professionals are highly experienced and dedicated to helping filmmakers market and distribute their films. The team consists of marketing strategists and film publicists, as well as film distributors who use their experience and insight to identify and evaluate potential distribution deals, as well as promoting and marketing the films to the potential audiences.

The company also employs a team of experienced business development, finance, and legal professionals to ensure that the company's business model is effective and aligned with its goals. These professionals provide invaluable guidance and support to the managing partners, ensuring that the company is running smoothly.

Findit Films takes great pride in its commitment to independent filmmakers and to the film industry overall. From project development through distribution and marketing, the company provides a tailored and personalized approach to help filmmakers achieve success. The goal is to create a successful ecosystem of creating and sharing great movies through quality work and innovative marketing strategies. In addition to the extensive support in marketing and distribution, the company also provides a variety of other services to filmmakers, such as providing financing for projects and providing allowances for special projects.

As the company continues to grow and expand, the staff and management of Findit Films remain committed to their mission statement and to providing unparalleled customer service and support to filmmakers. From the initial project development to the final distribution and marketing of the film, the company works hard to ensure that the filmmaker's vision is realized. With experienced professionals in every facet of the business, Findit Films is sure to remain a leader in independent film marketing and distribution.