Locations of SB-R Production's facilities

SB-R Production is a company that specializes in providing marketing, visual communication and events services. The company has established itself as a leader in the industry and its facilities are spread across many locations.

The company’s headquarters are located in Berlin, Germany. This is where its main offices are situated and it is here that the entire staff works. The Berlin office houses the executive staff, account managers and business strategists who are responsible for the day-to-day operations. They are also in charge of the overall direction of the company’s initiatives and growth.

Apart from the headquarters in Berlin, the company has offices in several other locations. One of its other main facilities is located in Milan, Italy. This facility focuses on the visual communication and graphic design services offered by SB-R Production. It is here that the creative team is based and works to develop concept and visuals for campaigns.

The third major facility is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is where the company’s events team is based. They are in charge of planning and executing large-scale events such as product launches and conferences.

In addition to its larger locations, SB-R Production also has a number of smaller offices. Locations such as Los Angeles, California and Tokyo, Japan are in charge of localizing services provided by the company. They also offer localized services to their respective countries and regions.

The company also has an extensive network of freelancers, who can be tapped into for specific projects. This allows them to easily increase their capacities when needed.

SB-R Production's extensive and comprehensive network of facilities allows them to provide services to a broad range of clients and ensures their success. With offices in various locations, the company is able to provide solutions for all their clients’ needs and ensure that their services are tailored to the specific needs of different countries and regions.