How do I contact Daniel Downs, Ed.D.?

As an educational technology leader and instructional designer, Daniel Downs, Ed.D. offers a unique set of skills and expertise to both businesses and educational institutions. For anyone interested in contacting him, Downs is available through both traditional and digital channels.

For a traditional approach, prospective clients and educational institutions can reach Daniel Downs via mail to his business address in Virginia. He is also available by telephone, however a prior appointment is advised due to his numerous engagements with various clients.

To seek direct contact via digital channels, the best and fastest way is through his website, On the website, visitors can find an email contact form that is specifically tailored to client inquiries. By submitting the form, the user can expect a reply within the same day. For those who prefer more informal contact, visitors can find Daniel’s blog in the same website where he posts about education, edtech leadership and digital design.

In addition, visitors will notice that the website also contains his social media profiles. By following Daniel’s social media channels—LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—visitors can get instant updates of his latest engagements and thoughts on the modern education industry.

Overall, interested persons have several different options to contact Daniel Downs, Ed.D. Individuals can choose to reach him through traditional or digital channels, or staying up-to-date through his social media profiles and blog. Therefore, anyone who wants to connect with a one-of-a-kind educational technology leader and instructional designer need only to choose the channel that suits them best.