How much experience does Daniel Downs, Ed.D. have as a Professor?

Daniel Downs, Ed.D. is an education and EdTech leadership consultant, instructional designer, digital designer, photographer, and professor with a wealth of experience. He currently works as an Education Consultant, Lecturer, and Professor, and his formal education includes an Ed.D. in Instructional Systems Technology & Design from Indiana University, and M.A. in Educational Technology from Central Washington University, as well as a B.S. in Journalism from Missouri State University.

Daniel Downs, Ed.D. has extensive experience in higher education. Currently, he serves as a Professor of EdTech at Evansville University, where he teaches undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level students, and provides students with the necessary skillsets and research to reach their goals. Additionally, he has facilitated a number of lectures and workshops from K-20, serving to raise awareness of EdTech education through partnerships with regional, national, and international organizations.

Daniel Downs, Ed.D. has spent the last decade as an Adjunct Professor for various university and college systems in the United States, providing undergraduate and graduate level instruction in and out of the classroom. To date, Daniel has taught in multiple academic disciplines, including Education and EdTech-related courses such as Instructional Design, Technology Integration, EdTech Leadership, and Project-Based Learning.

His experience extends beyond the classroom as he's advised student organizations and facilitated research projects, and he has been a featured speaker and guest lecturer in a number of international events. Despite all of his duties, Daniel is still committed to cutting-edge research in EdTech, Instructional Technology, and Digital Design.

All in all, it's clear that Daniel Downs, Ed.D. has an immense amount of experience as a professor. With over a decade spent in the field of education, he has rapidly established a strong reputation for providing an innovative and successful student learning experience. He brings a unique blend of experience in education and EdTech consulting to his students, and is committed to providing strategic leadership that improves the outcomes of students in Digital Design and EdTech.