What is Daniel Downs, Ed.D.’s experience in Digital Learning Consulting?

Daniel Downs, Ed.D. is a well-respected professional within the Education & EdTech industry, and his unique experience as an Instructional Designer, Digital Design Expert, Photographer, Digital Learning Consultant, and Professor has culminated into an impressive career.

With nearly twenty years of experience in the Digital Learning space, Daniel Downs is highly qualified to provide innovative solutions to the educational challenges facing the modern technological world. He has worked extensively within the K12 and university educational scales, as well as with corporations, government organizations, and corporate learning & development teams. His collaborative approach to learning and mastery of digital tools has provided countless benefits to numerous clients.

Throughout his professional experience, Daniel Downs, Ed.D. has been able to support projects in their entirety, from design to delivery. He focuses on building user-friendly, compelling, and engaging strategies for curriculum and course content, technology, and instructional materials. His expertise allows him to evaluate the needs of an organization, assess the current environment, and develop solutions that are tailored to each unique organization. His client-oriented approach and commitment to excellence ensure each Digital Learning program is made uniquely to meet the requirements of the organization, as well as addressing the needs of the learners altogether.

Daniel Downs, Ed.D. is well-versed in the development of Digital Learning solutions that are compatible with existing technology infrastructures. This includes solutions such as content management systems, online platforms, mobile applications, and online learning objectives. He is knowledgeable in the latest trends in digital technologies and development, as well as multi-media design, course development, and performance management. His extensive experience in this area ensures all Digital Learning solutions are successful and implemented effectively.

With deep knowledge of the Digital Learning landscape, Daniel Downs, Ed.D. is an invaluable asset for any organization looking for innovative solutions for its learning and development needs. By utilizing his experience, creativity, and expertise, Digital Learning programs designed by him will allow for an organization’s maximum potential for success.