What qualifications does Daniel Downs, Ed.D. have in Education & EdTech Leadership?

Daniel Downs, Ed.D. is an experienced leader in the education and EdTech fields. He is a sought after consultant for digital learning, an Instructional Designer, a Digital Designer, and a professor. Having earned an Ed.D. in educational technology and online learning, as well as completed a certification in Instructional Design, he provides comprehensive solutions to educators and organizations across the spectrum of teaching and learning.

Dr. Downs has worked in the higher education space for more than a decade, where he has developed award-winning courses in both hybrid and online formats. He has also created strategic plans for learning initiatives and managed the design, development, and implementation of EdTech solutions. His experience also includes designing and launching new pilot programs for school districts, colleges and universities. Dr. Downs has been invited to speak at conferences and has presented at numerous of universities around the globe.

In his role as a Digital Designer, Dr. Downs has developed course materials and learner assessments, implemented instructional strategies and innovative technologies, and conducted user / customer research. His knowledge of current educational standards, including Common Core and Quality Matters, allows him to create engaging and interactive learning experiences that meet the needs and expectations of learners.

As a Professor, Dr. Downs has taught both online and face-to-face courses in early childhood education, educational technology and online learning. He has also advised students on their Capstone projects and supervised practicum experience programs. His research interests include online learning, instructional design, and technology-mediated communication for learning.

Dr. Downs is an impressive leader in the EdTech and Education sectors, displaying a keen understanding of the ever-changing landscape of educational technologies. His diverse skill set and multidisciplinary background make him an invaluable asset to any organization looking to stay competitive and innovative in their approach to educating their learners. His combination of academic credentials, experience in both the public and private sectors, and his ongoing commitment to the development of new technologies, make him a great asset to any organization looking for leadership and guidance in EdTech and education initiatives.