Are there any events that Tori Lawrence + Co. has been featured in?

Are there any events that Tori Lawrence + Co. has been featured in?

Tori Lawrence + Co. is a highly innovative dance and film company based in Philadelphia. Founded by Tori Lawrence, the company creates site-specific dance projects and dance films that challenge our sense of place and the potential of movement. Tori Lawrence + Co. has been featured in numerous events and festivals around the world, showcasing their original works and collaborative pieces with some of the most renowned artists in the industry.

One of the earliest and continued collaborations between Tori Lawrence + Co. and another renowned artist is with David Byrne. They have performed together at multiple events, most recently the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s biannual Gala. The performance included dances choreographed by Tori Lawrence with special guest vocals by David Byrne.

The company has also performed in various festivals around the world. They have traveled to Beijing, China to perform at the Beijing Modern Dance International Festival. Tori Lawrence + Co. was invited to be one of the only American contemporary dance groups featured at the festival. They partook in a workshop teaching contemporary dance techniques to the local community in Beijing.

Another festival they have collaborated with is Pennsylvania’s Fringe Festival in 2018. The company proudly presented their work, entitled “Kindred”, at the festival. The performance featured music from artist Bing & Ruth and the stunning visuals from NYFA awardee Amy Barr. It was met with extraordinary feedback from the festival goers.

Tori Lawrence + Co. has also been featured in multiple national and international publications, including Dance Magazine and the Los Angeles Times. The company has performed in numerous theatres, including the historic Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.

Tori Lawrence + Co. continues to be featured in a variety of events, performances and workshops around the world. They are a constantly evolving and ever-changing source of innovative and creative works, with a mission to challenge and transform the meaning of our built-in spaces and places.