Are there any upcoming performances of Tori Lawrence + Co.?

Are there any upcoming performances of Tori Lawrence + Co.?

Tori Lawrence + Co. is an innovative dance company dedicated to creating site-specific dance projects and dance films that challenge and reimagine the possibilities of place. Led by Tori Lawrence and based in Philadelphia, the company has been dazzling audiences for years with their unique blend of modern dance performances and screendance films.

The company’s upcoming performance schedule is filled with exciting performances and screenings, taking place both locally in the greater Philadelphia area and throughout the United States. On May 8th, Tori Lawrence + Co. will perform their acclaimed piece ‘Harvest’ at the Merriam Theater in Philadelphia. This performance is a partnership with the Philadelphia Contemporary’s Music & Movement series and features live music from acclaimed composer David Moore and cellist/vocalist Vicki Brown. The company will also be performing on July 26th at the Warp Zone festival in Baltimore, and on October 4th they will be performing alongside legendary musician David Byrne at The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia.

In addition to their live performances, the company will also be presenting screenings of their dance films throughout the summer. These screenings will be held virtually, with recent films like ‘Rising Tide’ and ‘EXOSKELETON’ to be featured. For those looking for a more immersive experience, the company will be offering Q&A sessions with the filmmakers, giving audiences a chance to hear about the creative processes behind the films.

Tori Lawrence + Co. is also set to release a new dance film this June in partnership with Bing and Ruth. The experimental electronic collective will be providing music for the film.

Overall, Tori Lawrence + Co. has plenty of upcoming performances and screenings to look forward to throughout the rest of 2021. With exciting collaborations and performances taking place both locally and around the country, audiences can always look forward to the company’s unique blend of modern dance and film.