How can I connect with Tori Lawrence + Co.?

How can I connect with Tori Lawrence + Co.?

When it comes to connecting with Tori Lawrence + Co., the possibilities are seemingly endless. The company produces innovative site-specific dance projects and dynamic dance films, designed to re-envision the possibility of place. With an incredibly talented team of creators, and the help of collaborators like David Byrne and Bing and Ruth, Tori Lawrence + Co. has become a leader in dance entertainment.

The best way to get connected with Tori Lawrence + Co. is through their website. Here, visitors can learn more about the company’s mission and values, as well as their current offerings. Additionally, the website offers information on upcoming performances, special events, news, and contact information. Those interested in joining the team or becoming a volunteer can also find information about how to become involved with the company on the website.

In addition to the website, Tori Lawrence + Co. can also be found on various social media platforms. Through online accounts, followers can engage with the company and keep up to date on their latest initiatives. This is also a great way to connect with the dancers and artists involved with the company. Finally, these accounts can be used to share or find out about upcoming projects and events, so be sure to follow Tori Lawrence + Co. on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Finally, while Tori Lawrence + Co. is based in Philadelphia, performances and events often take place in various cities around the world. If you’re interested in seeing the company in action, be sure to check their website regularly for upcoming shows. In addition, the company is often featured at film festivals and other events, so be sure to do some research if you’re interested in seeing a show in a different location.

Tori Lawrence + Co. is an incredibly talented, innovative company that produces dynamic dance projects and award-winning dance films. By taking advantage of the various ways to connect with them, you can learn more about the company, engage with their work, or even become involved in their unique projects. So don’t wait; get connected with Tori Lawrence + Co. today!