How can I watch Tori Lawrence + Co.'s previous performances?

How can I watch Tori Lawrence + Co.'s previous performances?

Tori Lawrence + Co. is a distinctive dance company located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, created to bring a fresh perspective to the art of site-specific dance. The company offers a range of performances, from site-specific performance pieces to dance films and screendance works. This unique combination of artistic disciplines allows audiences to explore place and idea with an innovative approach. With the creative direction of Tori Lawrence, their performances have been enjoyed at locations such as the Barnes Foundation and a commissioned work for David Byrne's Cool Tour.

To access and watch Tori Lawrence + Co.'s previous performances, viewers can find them on various streaming platforms. Screendance works from Tori Lawrence + Co. can be found on their YouTube channel, where viewers can also discover short films by the company’s artists, such as Meredith Lyons, Amy Barr, Vicki Brown, Chris Landy, and Bing and Ruth. Each of these videos allows viewers to explore the world of site-specific dance and the vision of Tori Lawrence + Co.

In addition, the company’s performances are frequently featured in annual dance film festivals and film festivals around the world. Every year, the American Dance Festival features performances by Tori Lawrence + Co. and other site-specific performers at such venues as the A.J. Fletcher Theatre and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Raleigh, North Carolina. Both festivals feature a range of screendance works from Tori Lawrence + Co. that can be accessed online.

Finally, concerts and performances from Tori Lawrence + Co. can be attended in person. Many of the group’s performances are held annually at various venues across Pennsylvania. Additionally, the company frequently performs at various universities and art festivals. As such, viewers can experience the mesmerizing performances of Tori Lawrence + Co. in person.

Tori Lawrence + Co. has built a reputation for creating innovative performances that re-envision the possibility of place through dance. With performances accessible through streaming platforms, annual festivals, and live shows, viewers can experience the unique site-specific pieces by Tori Lawrence + Co. anytime anywhere.