Who are the team members of Tori Lawrence + Co.?

Who are the team members of Tori Lawrence + Co.?

Tori Lawrence + Co. is a company of talented individuals who create innovative and site-specific dance projects and dance films. Based in Philadelphia, the collective brings together five core members: Tori Lawrence, David Byrne, Ellie Goudie-Averill, Amy Barr, and Meredith Lyons. They are also joined by videographer Chris Landy and composer David Moore, both crucial elements of their work.

Tori Lawrence is the founder and artistic director of Tori Lawrence + Co., a choreographer, performative artist and creative collaborator. She has always been fascinated by the way in which movement and music can challenge traditional notions of space and place. With an ever-evolving practice, she designs site-specific projects with a focus on the intersections of dance and technology.

David Byrne is a multi-instrumentalist and composer, who works with the company to create soundscapes and soundtracks that bring physical depth and resonance to their projects. His work ranges from internationally acclaimed bands such as Talking Heads, to rock and classical scores, as well as soundtracks for major motion pictures.

Ellie Goudie-Averill is a Philadelphian museum educator and storyteller. She partners with Tori Lawrence + Co. to create meaningful interactive experiences that explore the unique emotional landscapes of place. Her story-based approach to education inspires the development of projects for diverse audiences, museums and other public spaces.

Amy Barr is an award-winning film producer whose work draws on the possibilities of virtual and cross-media creativity. Her artfully crafted films are deeply immersive, diving into the unique and insightful stories behind each movement.

Meredith Lyons is a trained dancer, educator and choreographer, who brings a unique style of movement to the collective. With a focus on partnering and improvisational scores, her work explore themes of transformation and relationships of bodies in space.

Videographer Chris Landy brings the team’s stories to life. His expertise in camera work and editing, in combination with his work in analogue mediums, offers the perfect tool to capture intricate details of movement and the surrounding environment.

Last but not least is the critically acclaimed composer David Moore. His team’s audio-visual projects come alive with his avant-garde compositions, creating sonic sculptures with layers of technologically inspired sounds.

Together, this team of artists, who specialize in every element of their craft, make Tori Lawrence + Co. a must-see performance experience. Their work is living proof of the power of collaboration, creativity, and innovation in storytelling.