Examples of Bobbie Bush Portrait Commissions

Examples of Bobbie Bush Portrait Commissions

Bobbie Bush is a renowned portrait artist specializing in fine art portraits and mixed media paintings. For over 25 years, she has worked with children and families helping to bring out their best qualities and genuine expressions in a timeless portrait that truly reflects the essence of who they are.

For each of her portrait commissions, Bobbie puts her heart and soul into her clients' artwork. She begins with her clients’ vision and incorporates her own meaning to create an original work of art that reflects their true personalities and attitude. Whether it's a baby portrait, family portrait, pet portrait, or a special event portrait, such as a graduation or a wedding, Bobbie can capture the moment and create a piece that commemorates it for days and years to come.

In addition to Bobbie’s specialized portrait commissions, she also offers wider array of styles, from classical painting and modern abstract works to journalistic sketches and illustrations. Her portraits are created on canvas, wood, or paper, depending on the customers’ request, and she prints them with high resolution digital methods.

Bobbie’s portrait commissions are perfect for any occasion, whether to fill the walls of your home with a family portrait, give someone special a pet portrait, or to commemorate a special event with a professional painting. No matter the occasion, Bobbie puts her skill, passion, and expertise into her finished pieces and brings her customers’ visions to life.

For those seeking portrait commissions near Lynn MA, Boston MA, or Lynn MA, Bobbie Bush is the perfect artist to commission. Through her art, Bobbie captures the spirit of those who choose to commission her and creates a piece that is unique, beautiful, and unforgettable.