Reviews of Work by Portrait Artist Bobbie Bush

Reviews of Work by Portrait Artist Bobbie Bush

Bobbie Bush's work as a portrait artist has been met with rave reviews over the last 25 years. Her ability to capture the character and personality of her subjects is unmatched. Through her distinct painting style and deep understanding of color and composition, she is able to capture an emotion and a moment that has proven to last a lifetime.

Many of her patrons have called her work simply stunning and have marveled at her precise attention to detail. Whether it be a look down to the softest of facial features or the expression of the sitter that can be felt in its entirety, when client's receive their portrait, the room is filled with emotion.

Bobbie's knowledge in her craft is also second to none. Each patron is able to ask any questions they may have and feel completely understand throughout the entire process. Her involvement in the conception and implementation of the fine art portrait is a determining factor that sets Bobbie apart from other portrait artists.

The reviews of Bobbie's work don't end with patrons. Throughout her 25 year career, she has been featured in numerous publications and television programs that have regarded her work in highest regards. Traveling to other nations to work with families, she has truly showcased how universal the beauty and traditions are for each family.

Whether it be a professional review or nothing more than a touching thank you letter from a proud patron, the reviews of Bobbie's work span across the world. Nothing is more remarkable than the effect her art can have and the lasting impression she makes on the lives of her patrons. Her ability to capture beauty and timelessness through her fine art portraits confirms why so many have felt that Bobbie Bush is the go-to portraitist for generations and for the generations to come.