Peter Rufo | Editorial and Commercial Food Photographer Availability

Peter Rufo is a sought-after food photographer with a specialty in both editorial and commercial projects. He is based in Boston, Massachusetts and is available to clients across the United States and worldwide.

For over 15 years, Peter has been perfecting his craft and bringing an elevated and unique angle to every project he takes on. He combines his creative lighting and unique style to capture beautiful and vivid images that showcase the beauty of food. He has worked with top brands and renowned chefs in the food industry, and frequently creates content for cookbooks, magazines, advertisements, and food packaging design.

Peter’s proficiency with angles, composition, and lighting make him an ideal choice for commercial food photography projects. His portfolio features a range of delicious entrees, plated meals, and food packaging perfected for vibrant photos. Whether you’re looking for static images or active lifestyle shots for a commercial campaign, Peter can deliver on your specific needs.

Peter also excels at editorial photography and working directly with chefs to create beautiful and natural looking images. He understands the importance of maintaining a chef’s personal style while making sure to showcase the food at its best. His editorial portfolio features stunning images of chefs in their kitchen and plated meals that evoke a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking for commercial images, editorial photos, or something to showcase yourself as a chef, Peter Rufo is an excellent choice for your photography needs. His longstanding experience in the food industry combined with his eye for detail make him an ideal choice for editorial and commercial projects. There’s no project too small or large for Peter Rufo, and he’s available at any time to discuss a potential project.