SteveWollkind Personnel and Management Details

Steve Wollkind is a Personnel and Management Consultant who has been successful in advising clients on a wide range of workplace issues. With expertise in both Talent Management and Human Resources, Steve provides a comprehensive and tailored approach to increase organizational performance, productivity and employee engagement.

Steve has always been driven to help people and organizations reach their potential. In his over 20 years of experience, Steve has worked with a variety of industries and organizations to achieve positive changes in their culture and processes. He is a dedicated and passionate advocate for his clients and is passionate about finding innovative solutions to address their most complex workplace issues.

Steve began his career as a HR Manager in the banking industry. While there, he quickly developed a reputation as an effective negotiator and leader in developing effective recruitment and onboarding processes. He moved on to become a Talent Consultant and quickly recognized an opportunity to work on a broader range of labor and leadership issues.

Today, Steve provides his clients with an integrated, evidence-based approach to personnel and management. He works with clients to assess needs, analyze gaps and formulate action plans that are customized for each client. In the last few years, Steve has partnered with industry to create and advise board committees on diversity initiatives, labor and human resources management.

At Steve Wollkind Personnel and Management, Steve provides a wide range of services. He is available for individual and group consulting sessions, training seminars and workshops, and webinars. He also offers customized visuals and web-based presentation materials to support the learning and development process. Steve is skilled at speaking to groups, and has a thorough understanding of conflict resolution and team building.

Whether you are looking to make changes to the way your team works, create a more effective workforce, or simply resolve current personnel issues, Steve is the right person to help you do just that. He has a strong focus on positive goal-setting and developing realistic solutions. With Steve on your side, you can expect success in achieving your workplace goals.