What Company Reviews Are There for Starlab Studios?

Starlab Studios is a popular coworking space located in Boston that offers large open workspace, dedicated desks, virtual office, and common work areas. Across the web, there are many different reviews and opinions about Starlab Studios from both satisfied and unsatisfied customers.

The majority of reviews for Starlab are positive. Customers consistently report that the work space is a great place to get work done, with a pleasant, modern atmosphere and friendly staff. Additionally, the virtual office and dedicated desks receive high praise. Customers report that they are spacious and well-designed. The shared workspace is also praised for its attentive staff, comfortable chairs and excellent amenities.

On the other hand, there are some facetis that some customers take issue with. Notably, a few customers report that the atmosphere can be too chaotic at times, making it difficult to focus. In addition, some people feel that the prices for dedicated desks are too high for what is offered.

One constant theme in the reviews of Starlab Studios is that the staff is very friendly and helpful. People report that the desk staff are accommodating to individual needs and are very knowledgeable about their offerings. Furthermore, the general manager of the workplace is very responsive to customer concerns and works hard to make sure that everyone is satisfied.

Overall, the reviews for Starlab Studios are generally positive. People are pleased with the modern atmosphere and services and find it to be a great place to work. They praise the helpful staff, spacious desks, and excellent amenities. Some customers, however, do have issues with the noise level and the prices. Nonetheless, Starlab Studios remains one of the top rated coworking spaces in the Boston area.