Frequently asked questions about Talking in the Chasm

Frequently asked questions about Talking in the Chasm

Talking in the Chasm is a series of weekly conversations hosted by Matthew Milioni and Felix Rust. Drawing on Milioni's religious experience and Rust's atheistic worldview, their mission is to foster understanding between two polarizing perspectives and initiate meaningful dialogue. The two strive to bridge the ideological gaps that separate their worldviews and offer a better way of living.

The series has become popular among viewers of diverse backgrounds and religious views for its insightful and passionate exchanges. As such, many viewers have reached out to the hosts with enquiries about the show. Here, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Talking in the Chasm.

Q: What topics are discussed on the show? A: The show generally covers topics related to faith, spirituality, and the broader issues of life. This includes material such as the nature of God, politics, technology, and the state of the world. Milioni and Rust share their opposing perspectives on these issues in a respectful and engaging manner.

Q: How is the show recorded? A: Each episode of Talking in the Chasm is recorded using high-quality audio and video equipment in a professional recording studio. The hosts are then able to focus on engaging conversation without any technical distractions.

Q: How can I watch the show? A: The show is available to watch on YouTube. Episodes are uploaded weekly or bi-weekly and viewers can subscribe to the Talking in the Chasm YouTube channel to be notified of new episodes.

Q: How long are the episodes? A: Most episodes are between 30-45 minutes in length.

Q: Does the show offer transcripts or captions? A: Yes. The show offers full transcripts and captions of each episode in both English and Spanish languages.

Q: Are the episodes free to watch? A: Yes, all episodes are free to watch and subscribers do not need to pay to access new episodes.

Talking in the Chasm is a thought-provoking and inspiring series of conversations between two perspectives. The show aims to bridge the ideological gaps that separate us and offer viewers a unique insight into faith, life and the world around them. With a growing fan base and a wealth of resources, Talking in the Chasm has become an invaluable part of the virtual conversation.