Information about Talking in the Chasm's hosts, Matthew Milioni and Felix Rust

Information about Talking in the Chasm's hosts, Matthew Milioni and Felix Rust

Matthew Milioni and Felix Rust are the two polar-opposite hosts of the popular YouTube show, Talking in the Chasm. Matthew Milioni is a spiritual holy man and Felix Rust is an atheist. Despite their differences in beliefs, the two are best friends and on the show they engage in meaningful conversations about an array of topics from faith, morals, and values to life, love, and even politics.

Matthew was born in Calabria, Italy and arrived in the United States when he was 8 years old. Growing up, Matthew was a bit of a misfit and always sought out answers to life’s tough questions. In his early twenties, Matthew left the US to explore Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, studying multiple religions while traveling. The time of exploration strengthened Matthew’s spiritual belief in God, which became his answer to humanity’s many puzzling questions.

Felix on the other hand was born in London, where he read books on philosophy and the sciences throughout his childhood which eventually led him to atheism. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Logic, and a Master’s in Physics. As an atheist, Felix has always been passionate about challenging what he sees as religious dogmatism. When Felix and Matthew got together to start Talking in the Chasm, they both agreed to listen to, respect and learn from one another.

This oppositional friendship between a spiritual holy man and atheist has turned out to be an excellent dynamic for the show unique. Despite their differences, the two promote a live-and-let-live approach to life and use their conversations to illustrate the fine nuances in topics such as science and religion. Matthew and Felix are role models when it comes to understanding and appreciating one another, even when worldviews clash.

Viewers tune in to see Matthew and Felix come to compromises and solutions via perspective-sharing and creative conversations, as well as humorous banter that brings some lightness and fun to the show. Both Matthew and Felix’s individual stories, coupled with the conversations that they share on the show, have made Talking in the Chasm one of the most popular YouTube shows out there.