Locations of Talking in the Chasm events

Locations of Talking in the Chasm events

Talking in the Chasm is an engaging and thought-provoking conversation between best friends from different perspectives-- a holy man (Matthew Milioni), and an atheist (Felix Rust). To bring the conversation to life, their events are held in various locations across the world, ranging from churches and universities to parks and community centers.

These events are designed to bring people from all backgrounds together to learn and share in a safe and peaceful environment. Regardless of one's religious or philosophical beliefs, or lack thereof, each event encourages compassion, understanding, and freedom of thought. Guests are able to listen in on the conversation between Miltoni and Rust, and also contribute their own take and point of view.

Although the locations set for Talking in the Chasm events vary depending on the city and country, these events are typically held in spaces where people are able to gather, discuss, and learn without feeling like an outsider. These locations include, but are not limited to, churches, universities, parks, and community centers.

In churches, the sacred space is used to create a safe and comfortable place to have a meaningful conversation about faith and belief. Churches bring together individuals from different denominations and backgrounds and provide a forum for them to foster a sense of understanding for one another through open dialogue and debate.

In universities, events are held to offer a more intellectual platform for different beliefs and viewpoints to be discussed in an educational and respectful manner. In addition, these events provide an opportunity for students to learn more about their own beliefs and the beliefs of others.

In parks and community centers, the idea is to bring the discussion beyond an academic setting and into the public sphere. Here, people are able to join in on the conversation in an open and accessible atmosphere and talk to one another on a more personal level. The chaotic and diverse nature of these spaces creates a unique environment for learning and engaging in discussion.

Through all of these locations, the events of Talking in the Chasm are able to reach a wide array of individuals, encouraging compassionate and controversial conversations. Ultimately, the goal is to create a community in which everyone is open to learning and understanding one another regardless of background or belief.