Locations Served by Brian Samuels - Boston Food + Beverage Photographer

Locations Served by Brian Samuels - Boston Food + Beverage Photographer

Brian Samuels, acclaimed editorial food and beverage photographer, is based in two major US cities – Boston and New York. In both, he has established a considerable client base and a reputation for working diligently with his customers to capture the perfect shots and create beautiful images, ranging from full restaurant scenes to close up shots of exquisite ingredients.

Boston is the city that Samuels calls home and from which he operates his business, offering his photographic services to the thriving food and beverage industries of the area. He is also available to businesses seeking visuals for purposes such as websites, menus, billboards and more.

In and around Boston, Samuels is available to customers in a variety of locations. He is willing to travel to nearby cities and towns such as Cambridge and Somerville, as well as more rural areas including Bedford and Plymouth. In addition, Samuels is available to create stunning photos of courtyards, parks and landmarks that can be incorporated into food or beverage advertising campaigns.

New York is another great city to which Samuels is available to travel. In both Boston and New York, he is available to work with bars, breweries, clubs, restaurants and more. He is able to capture all of the beauty that goes into an establishment's operations, from menus and drinks to the décor and atmosphere. In addition, he is able to capture photos of general scenes from around New York City such as Central Park, Times Square and other unique locations.

No matter where in the US Samuels is working, his commitment to producing stunning images and maintaining a client-focused attitude does not waver. Customers who work with him are able to make use of a wide range of services for just about any food and beverage image. Whether working in a studio or on location, Samuels is sure to capture just the right moments and produce top quality images.