Recent Projects Completed by Brian Samuels - Boston Food + Beverage Photographer

Recent Projects Completed by Brian Samuels - Boston Food + Beverage Photographer

Brian Samuels is renowned for his award-winning editorial food and beverage photography across both Boston and New York. Working primarily with food, beverage and lifestyle brands, Samuels has established himself as one of the industry’s most sought-after photographers.

Samuels’ recent projects include a celebrity chef portrait series shot for a prominent hotel chain, a campaign for a wine brand photographed in a scenic vineyard, and editorial coverage of a culinary event for a lifestyle magazine. His portfolio also includes advertising and editorial photography for restaurants, kitchenware brands and cookbooks.

Ultimately, Samuels is known for his ability to capture the perfect shot. He crafts evocative images loaded with detail. His subject matter varies from the peaceful atmosphere of an organic farm to the dynamic atmosphere of a bustling restaurant.

Samuels’ expertise extends to producing detailed lifestyle images that convey the essence and soul of a brand. He also specializes in crafting and styling shots with meticulous precision. In addition to his photography, Samuels offers art direction and stylist services.

From up-and-coming chefs to established restaurateurs, business owners, and wine connoisseurs, Samuels has collaborated with a long list of renowned clientele. His skill, creativity and passion for the industry have made him one of the most sought-after food and beverage photographers. He has earned the respect of both emerging and established brands within the field.

Brian Samuels’ recent projects speak to his remarkable success as a Boston food and beverage photographer. Clients trust him to create stunning and impactful images that spur conversation and insight. Every project is an opportunity for Samuels to bring creativity and thoughts to life.