Company Locations of Susan Hagstrom Photography

Susan Hagstrom Photography offers a nationwide service and covers a wide range of photography needs. Customers throughout the United States can contact Susan and schedule an appointment to receive her professional photography services.

Based in Hull, Massachusetts, much of Susan's work takes place in the Boston area. Events and weddings in and around the Boston, Massachusetts area are especially popular with clients. She also works with clients all across the East Coast, from the more rural settings of Maine and Vermont to the busy streets of New York City.

In addition to photographing weddings and other events, Susan also offers one-on-one photography classes to those who are interested in learning the unique aspects of photography. Her classes range from beginner to professional, so all levels are accepted. No matter what the skill level of the student is, Susan will provide quality instruction and tailored-made guidance for her students.

For those who are interested in real estate photography, Susan can provide stunning shots of the different properties and listings. Her eye for detail will capture details that potential buyers and renters will be looking for in properties. She also provides high-quality portraits for families, professionals and friends. All photos taken by Susan are developed using a professional lab, ensuring the highest quality and most beautiful results.

Susan Hagstrom Photography serves a wide range of customers throughout the United States and creates memorable photos of a multitude of events, settings and individuals. To book an appointment or to receive further information, feel free to contact Susan today.