Equipment Used by Susan Hagstrom

Susan Hagstrom is an award-winning photographer who understands how to capture a moment in time and is dedicated to providing the highest quality images for her customers. She specializes in a wide range of photography such as weddings, family portraits, senior photos, and real estate photos. In addition, she also offers one-on-one beginner photography classes.

Hagstrom proudly uses Canon's best mirrorless and full frame cameras to power her photography. She uses the Canon R5 Mirrorless, with its 45MP sensor and 8K capabilities, paired with Canon’s flagship 5D Mark IV camera. This pairing results in stunningly sharp and detailed images as well as offering extensive video capabilities.

To further enhance her photos, Hagstrom typically uses professional labs and highly specialized software to develop her products. She pays close attention to detail and uses a variety of adjustable settings, such as ISO and aperture, to produce the exact look she desires. In addition, she edits and colors her images to ensure that the final product is to the customer’s exact specifications.

Hagstrom’s work can be seen at Gallery Nantasket in Hull as well as on Instagram @snapshotzbysusan and on Facebook at Snapshots by Susan. She is available for consultations and estimates and is committed to providing the best customer service. With her commitment to high quality equipment and a dedication to providing the very best in customer service, Hagstrom ensures that those special moments in time will be treasured forever.