Photographs and Samples by Susan Hagstrom

Photography by Susan Hagstrom is an opportunity to capture a special moment in time that will last a lifetime. Whether you are looking for a wedding, a family portrait, senior photo, real estate photography, or an event, Susan can provide you with high quality images that will meet your expectations. With years of experience and award-winning examples, her expertise is certain to provide a unique and special experience.

When you work with Susan, you receive customer service that is unmatched and customized to your project. She provides one on one, beginner photography classes to further help you create the perfect photos and teaches you the skills to ensure the highest quality photographs. Her pictures are taken with a Canon R5 mirrorless or a Canon 5D Mark IV giving you the best of technology for all of your needs. Her developing is done through professional labs to guarantee the best end results.

Gallery Nanstket in Hull, MA showcases Susan's photography to provide clients the ability to view her work and get a glimpse of what a photo session would look like. Follow Susan's work on I[email protected] and on Facebook at Snapshots by Susan.

The award-winning samples on her website is the perfect way to determine if Susan Hagstrom's Photography is right for you. To discuss consultations, estimates and pricing information, please contact Susan today. Her mission is to provide photographs that capture each special moment in time, so that you can cherish them forever. Don't miss your opportunity to take advantage of the high quality photography that Susan Hagstrom provides.