Susan Hagstrom: Professional Photography with High Quality Customer Service

Susan Hagstrom is an award-winning photographer specializing in high quality images for weddings, events, portraits, and real estate listings. Her dedication to customer service ensures that clients receive an experience that is second to none. With her extensive experience and high-quality Canon R5 mirrorless and Canon 5D Mark IV cameras and professional labs, Susan provides stunning photographs that capture a special moment in time.

At Snapshots by Susan, clients receive far more than just stunning images; they receive an unparalleled customer experience. Hagstrom understands that clients want photos that truly reflect the best of their wedding, family portrait, senior photographs, or real estate listing and works to provide exactly that. She is available for consultations and estimates and provides flexible pricing information.

Hagstrom’s work has also been featured in some of the most respected galleries and has won numerous awards. At Gallery Nantasket in Hull and on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook, viewers can find some of Susan’s best work.

For those who are just starting their journey in photography, Susan also teaches private, beginner classes for those who are looking to learn the basics and understand the fundamentals of the art.

When looking for professional photography with an added emphasis on customer service, look no further than Susan Hagstrom at Snapshots by Susan. Whether it is for a wedding, family portrait, or even real estate listing, Susan really goes above and beyond to provide her clients with the best possible images. Snap today and treasure forever with Snapshots by Susan.