Veseli Photography Business Locations

Veseli Photography is an up-and-coming photography business that has three main locations to serve the community. Founded in 2020, Veseli Photography has a mission to provide beautiful, high-quality images to commemorate people’s most special moments.

Veseli Photography's main flagship location is in Miami, Florida. This family-owned business has established a trusted reputation in the area, offering a variety of services to help capture people’s most important memories. From wedding photography, family portraits, photo rejuvenation, and more, Veseli Photography makes sure to capture all the best moments. The Miami location has a professional staff of photographers and editors to make sure the customer is left more than satisfied.

Veseli Photography also has two additional locations in Los Angeles and New York City. Each one has its own unique character and offers different photography services. In Los Angeles, Veseli Photography specializes in studio photography, portrait photography, and movie production. Not only do they capture the perfect moments, but they have a team of professional editing staff to make sure the images look perfect.

New York City is the home of Veseli Photography’s newest location. This studio offers a variety of services, such as wildlife photography, sports photography, commercial photography, and headshots. With their cutting-edge editing tools, the staff will make sure to deliver beautiful images each time.

Veseli Photography is constantly looking for new ways to expand its service. With the help of its three main locations, the company can provide individuals and businesses alike with the photography services they need. Whether someone needs wedding photos or a business wants to capture a special corporate event, Veseli Photography has them covered. The company also offers online ordering and digital prints for a convenient shopping experience.

No matter what the occasion, Veseli Photography is honored to help its customers create lifelong memories. With three trusted locations across the US and continual expansion, the company is always ready to capture special moments and make them last forever.